Pak Lau’s Best Bits

pak-lauDon’t even try to enlarge the photo. You have to buy the book to read the article.

After the publication of IWE (which will be my shorthand for I Wuz ‘Ere: Memoirs of STAR ’86 from here on), I showed this article to a young Old Boy who works for me. He asked me, “Who is this?”

What? It’s like a Liverpool supporter asking the same question upon being told about Kenny Dalglish.

We are glad we did this article so Pak Lau’s more colourful life story is preserved. It wasn’t easy to write the story because while he had some cool stories to share we also had to be reverent to this man who acted in loco parentis to us when we were in STAR.

In fact, the references to Pak Lau in the book are plentiful. Everybody had a special memory of him, and I use the word “special” here liberally. If not for Pak Lau, maybe there would be a serious deficiency in the stories that could be told.

As a sneak preview, I would only like to disclose that for the first time ever, the “Hantu Ragbi” folklore is finally explained from Pak Lau’s perspective. Interestingly enough, that young man has heard of the Hantu Ragbi story but not of Pak Lau.

Happy reading and reminiscing. May the article bring back the nightmare of not being able to give the correct answer in your Sains Paduan class.


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