Tiger Lane Boy Returns

It’s hard to believe that my last blog post has been more than 8 years ago. Since then I have lost access to my old blog at http://tigerlaneboy.blogspot.my/ as I can’t for the life of me remember what my username was (it’s not tigerlaneboy, apparently) and it looks like my postings will forever be frozen in immortality (although the spammers appear to be thriving in the comments).  So goodbye Blogspot and hello WordPress.


Since then, blogging has become quite passé as netizens (is that even still a word now?) are more drawn to social media and Facebook appears to dominate the webosphere (seriously, I have to take a crash course on new internet buzzwords).

This return, or more appropriately, resurrection, coincides with the launch of the coffee table book I Wuz ‘Ere: Memoirs of STAR ’86 published by my batch. One could say that even after the book was published my fingers are still itching to write. That’s true, but I would like to perform a more useful function. I would like to raise awareness of the content and issues presented in the book through this blog.

Some Starians outside Batch ’86 appear to think that the book is only relevant to our batch. That may be true of some articles as only we could relate to them.

However, the book is actually very relevant to the rest of the Starians. As Sukardi Rahmani of Batch ’84 comments, “While I definitely recommend this book to all readers who desire a guide to an exciting dormitory life, I strongly recommend it to all Starians, mainly because it resonates better with them. Must see, must own and must read if you want to rekindle your early student days.” (his visitor comment is found in https://www.facebook.com/iwuzerestar86/)

I am sure many can relate to the stories of how the poor kampung boys felt like they had won the lottery when they received an offer to study in STAR. Some may even relate to the stories of the urban boys who had to bear with the downgrading of their lifestyle when they swapped their life of relative luxury with crowded dorms and communal bathrooms. There are stories of friendships and brotherhoods, of hopes and ambitions and of gratitude to teachers who have shaped our lives.

So read the book so we can have ongoing discussions, debates and discourses on the articles which may go beyond the specific content of those writings.

Well, I hope I could keep up the momentum and churn out regular postings. And before I forget, Happy New Year. May 2017 be an exceptional year filled with abundant blessings.

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